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Enforcer® Brand Rolls Out New Look & New Products for 2011

ATLANTA (November 18, 2010) - Zep Retail has injected its Enforcer® brand with new energy, introducing new and improved products, a revitalized look and a new marketing campaign to drive retail traffic.

One key product improvement is to Enforcer® Bed Bug Spray - a go-to product for the 40 percent of Americans who said in a recent nationwide survey that they would take a do-it-yourself approach to treating a bed bug infestation.

The product, which can be used on mattresses, furniture, luggage and other items to kill bed bugs and their eggs, as well as fleas, ticks, dust mites, lice and moths, is now available in a larger 14-ounce size in addition to the original 7-ounce can. It keeps working for up to seven days.

"More than ever, Enforcer means business," says Melinda Pritchett, product manager. "We provide consumers with solutions that work quickly, are easy to use and kill on contact. And we back up our commitment to the consumer with marketing support retailers can count on."

New Products

Retailers will enjoy the opportunity for increased business from several new Enforcer® BugMax® brand products designed to solve today's pest problems. BugMax comprises a line of ready-to-use products: dust, aerosols, and foggers for professional-strength home pest control. New products include:

  • BugMax® Insect Killer - A convenient non-permethrin aerosol spray that kills a broad spectrum (more than 50) of crawling and flying insects on contact and provides up to three months of residual control. It can be used both inside and outside.
  • BugMax® Fogger - Comes in easy-to-use 2-ounce cans that meet the new EPA requirements for foggers. Kills a variety of crawling and flying insects and continues working for up to 12 weeks without staining or leaving an oily residue.

Product Improvements

In addition to its new products, the Enforcer® brand has made improvements to some of its existing products:

  • Enforcer® Ant & Roach Bait Stations - New space-saver packaging holds 4 stations and takes up less shelf space.
  • Enforcer® Flea Fogger - New formula containing Nylar®, an insect growth regulator, and new 2-ounce size to meet upcoming EPA regulations.
  • Enforcer® Flea & Tick Yard Spray Concentrate- Made with lamba, a new non-permethrin active ingredient that provides twice the residual action of the previous formula for greater coverage and residual action of up to 8 weeks against a wider variety of pests.

Meeting Consumer Demand

"Consumer interest in the insecticide category is growing, especially with 1 in 10 Americans being touched by the recent outbreaks of bed bugs in locations across the country," Pritchett adds. "When used as an integral part of a complete bed bug control program, Enforcer Bed Bug Spray kills bed bugs and bed bug eggs, helping to provide consumers with much-needed peace of mind." To help support retailers faced with increasing demand for such products, the Enforcer brand will continue its business relationship with Comprehensive Marketing, Inc. (CMI), which acts as sales representative for the Enforcer brand in the hardware retail channel.