Bedbugs & Bedbug Eggs

Bedbugs live between wooden floorboards or in furniture, bed frames, mattresses, or behind peeling paint, where their flattened shape allows them to hide. Adult bedbugs can survive starvation in proper conditions for a year or more. Each female lays about 300 eggs in her lifetime, and the offspring of one pregnant female bedbug can infest a room and eventually other rooms nearby. Speckles of dried blood excrement can be found on bedding or places where bedbugs hide.

• Bedbugs are 5-7 mm in length with reduced wings.
• Bedbugs are unable to fly so they must crawl or be carried from place to place.
• They normally feed at night (usually one hour before dawn) using their mouthparts that have are designed for piercing and sucking but can also feed during the day in favorable conditions.