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Flea Spray For Carpets & Furniture


Kills fleas, flea eggs, and larvae on carpets and furniture and prevents flea infestations for up to 4 months. Breaks the flea life cycle and stops flea eggs from hatching. One can treats approximately 115 square feet.

Key Features:

  • Prevents Flea Infestation For Up To 4 Months
  • Kills flea larvae & flea eggs
  • With FGR (flea growth regulator)
  • Prevents flea infestation from hatching fleas for up to 120 days

Hold can 2 or 3 feet from surfaces to be treated. Treat all carpeted areas and all baseboards of hard surface floors. Spray underneath furniture, sofas, chairs, and beds. Evenly spray a fine mist to carpets, rugs, drapes and all surfaces of upholstered furniture by using a wide, sweeping motion. Do not saturate surfaces. Treat pet bedding, a primary hiding place for fleas. No need to remove pet bedding after treatment. Repeat as necessary. DO NOT SPRAY PETS WITH THIS PRODUCT. Use a product registered for flea control on pets in conjunction with this treatment.


Ingredient Function
Water Solvent
Butane Propellant
Distillates (Petroleum) Hydrotreated Light Solvent
Propane Propellant
Tetramethrin Insecticide
Phenothrin Insecticide
Sodium Benzoate Preservative
Ethane Propellant
Pyriproxyfen Insecticide
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